Context Manager

Technology that saves your customers from having to repeat themselves.
Pour que nos bots conversationnels soient les plus efficaces possible, nous avons développé un système de stockage de contexte intelligent permettant de traiter la demande plus efficacement sans demander à l’utilisateur de nous rappeler le contexte de sa demande.

Context Manager

We all know how frustrating it is to have to restate the details of every interaction with customer service. This could include the date of the claim, the date of the previous call, and what has been already done with the case.

Despite this, all this information is very often accessible.

Our objective is to make our conversational bots as efficient as possible. This is why we have developed an intelligent context storage system that makes it possible to process the request more efficiently without asking the user to restate all the details of their request.

In addition, our bots give users the ability to change the subject or go off topic during the interaction, thus creating a smooth and natural experience.