Emotional AI

Emotional artificial intelligence (AI), a key aspect of human interaction.

Emotional AI

Several studies in cognitive psychology show that most emotional experiences are triggered during social interactions (Scherer et al. 1986). The individual then manages the triggered emotion by expressing it through one or more modes such as prosody, facial expressions, verbal content, or even by suppressing it.

These emotional expressions are learned and understood by most humans from an early age. Understanding the emotions of our interlocutors is considered part of our basic cognitive abilities.

At Zaion, we believe that conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is only successful if it incorporates that aspect which is essential to human interaction and inseparable from natural language: emotion.

This is why we have developed a suite of algorithms to detect fine-grained emotions in speech signals. This unique Zaion technology gives us the ability to enhance the information we collect and personalize the conversational experience on offer.