The conversational platform at the heart of the Zaion solution

The conversational platform at the heart of the Zaion solution

A multi-channel solution in SaaS mode, the conversational platform integrates Callbot, Chatbot, Voicebot and Messagingbot deployed for our customers in several languages. Zaion's technology enables a natural written and spoken conversation in response to this major challenge: to efficiently handle all customer requests in real time.

Our response to the challenges of the customer experience  

Technological change and the digitisation of career paths are enabling the evolution of the constant of theecustomer experiencewhich is why we provide a complete and personalised response for each client by means of our Bots thanks to artifisky.

Our platform is accessible to all sectors and multilingual elle is aimed at an international audience.

A centralization of recurring requests  

Thes bots helpnt improve the customer experience by targeting recurring questions and providing answers to them instantaneous: AFTER-SALES SERVICE, followed by order, brand informationor the company... All of these questions are answered by the bots.

The conversational platform was designed for optimize the customer experience. The integration ofes bots Zaion fosters a sense of closeness at responding to customer requests in record time, the bots provide the opportunity for counsellors to respond to requests the more complex.

The conversational platform is therefore an aall major for customers, the ccounsellors and l’company.

Optimized steering thanks to Botcenter®.  

For all requests that are made by la voice, the callbot Zaion is a strong ally. Indeed, this emotional AI software has the advantage of analyzing natural language. Emotions are scrutinized, requests are better understood. Thus, each response takes into account the context of the speech.

Gmachine grenade learningAs you can see, all bots become more powerful as you interact with them. In order to be able to manage conversations, the conversational platform owns a real-time conversation supervision module called Botcenter®.

The Botcenter® is an innovative supervision solution on several essential aspects:

  • Pilotage hot and cold frome the quality ofu speech of bots and Consulators
  • Search from keywords in the conversation history
  • Measure of indicators operational for each customer

Thus, the Botcenter® providedt effective and complementary services, iassistance in supervising conversations and optimizes customer service management.

The preponderant place of the vote

Today, the telephone is always the preferred channels users. Thus, taking care of the telephone interaction between customer and adviser is a key element in the success of the service. has become a must.

The callbot put forward by Zaion is one of the keys to the success of the conversational platform. Indeed, it has Highly developed cognitive skills, knowing how to determine the subtleties in the client's voice.

That's why this conversational platform is so powerful: the callbot learns every day, keeps discovering. He's getting better as natural conversations take place. Fluid and modern, this solution allows simultaneously automate and customize every contact.

The detection of emotion, of the tonbedridden or of the client's gender by the callbot acts in the quality of responsense. The voice carries with it its share of clues: the callbot determines in the intonations the urgent situations, those that are a little less important... The callbot becomes more human, closer to the customers.

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