Matmut deploys a callbot in collaboration with Zaion to convert customer calls into emails

Matmut called upon the start-up Zaion to deploy a callbot that converts its customers' phone calls into emails, enabling them to be processed by employees working from home. Particularly adapted to the current containment situation, the solution can handle more than 5,000 calls per day.

It works as follows: for each incoming call, Zaion's callbot engages in a conversation with the customer in natural language.

In a first step, he validates his phone number and identifies it. The customer is then invited to explain, in his or her own words, the purpose of the call. The request is then transcribed into text and sent by e-mail with the audio recording of the conversation as an attachment.

In view of the first days of operation, the Matmut teams in charge of the project are particularly satisfied with the performance of the tool as well as the collaboration with the Zaion teams, who have shown great responsiveness in deploying and commissioning the tool in a record time of only one week.

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