A team of 80 tech and customer relationship experts

“Our vision is to revolutionize the customer experience
through voice and Artificial Intelligence.”
Franz Fodéré
Founder & CEO

Franz Fodéré

Founder & CEO

Find out about the history of Zaion with Franz Fodéré, Founder & CEO and Hamza Ghouili, CTO.

French start-up Zaion is offering innovations that mark the beginning of a new era in customer relations. Zaion is revolutionizing the customer experience through voice and Artificial Intelligence, as well as automating high volumes of conversations and assisting advisors on a daily basis.

Hamza Ghouili

“Our work is cross-disciplinary and driven by projects that we carry out every day using Artificial Intelligence to tackle the new challenges of tomorrow.”

Stéphane Fontana

VP - Sales
“ Since conversational virtual agents have become the new business partner for customer services, our goal is to help our clients improve their customer experience on a daily basis through voice and artificial intelligence.”

Thierry de Laitre

VP - Customer Success
“The Customer Success team makes the most of artificial and collective intelligence to bring you into the era of augmented advisors.”

Alya Yacoubi

Head of Zaion Lab
“I believe in a versatile Artificial Intelligence capable of boosting customer satisfaction, providing a service to the public, and having a positive impact on the daily lives of employees.”

Bruno Sperry

VP - Performance & Continuous Improvement
“Automation is a guarantee for long-lasting performance.”

Nicolas Doudoux

VP - Marketing & Communication
“Creating the customer relationship of the future through Artificial Intelligence is helping brands improve the lives of their customers. It’s inspiring to work with a team that designs tomorrow’s products to serve people.”

David Dray

VP - Finance
“At Zaion, Finance works across the board with the various teams to give advice and support growth. The ultimate goal is to create value and improve customer satisfaction.”

Julie Lassaigne

“Our team is a rich source of innovation, motivation and expertise to shape the future of the customer experience.”