Zaion offers a complete voice customer relationship processing solution based on Artificial Intelligence and supervised in real time.
Our mission is to put the voice back at the heart of the customer experience and enhance the value of Human Capital.

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Zaion’s vision came about based on an observation that even in the age of the omnichannel, the telephone still remains the most used and preferred medium for customers and users. We are convinced that the transformation of customer service can be achieved through the development of voice, which combines responsiveness, efficiency, and trust.

To accomplish this, we have designed an innovative technology of intelligent callbots that analyze and remember the key moments of a conversation. We use Artificial Intelligence to create seamless natural-language conversations that put the voice back at the heart of the customer experience.

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The Customer Relationship: the concept that drives us

Founded in September 2017 by Customer Relationship Management experts, Zaion makes customer experience its core business. Our offer is built on the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management because we believe that availability, instantaneity and personalization are the key factors of a successful customer experience.

Our ambition is to respond to these critical challenges for companies by providing an ever more efficient service. The Zaion team includes professionals from the customer relationship field who will be able to put their technical and operational expertise at the forefront of your projects.

Our response to the challenges of customer experience

Technological advances and the digitalization of customer journeys are enabling the constant evolution of the customer experience, which means that a complete and personalized response is expected for each customer.

Our autonomous and instantaneous technology has made it possible to develop callbots and chatbots without predetermined answers thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Zaion’s platform is multilingual and addresses an international audience in order to meet these worldwide challenges.

The "Man-Machine" alliance for an augmented agent

Our goal is to automate simple and repetitive conversations so that complex issues can be directed to the advisor.

The advisor of the future is an advisor who will only take care of sensitive and high value-added conversations.

Thus Zaion has created a hybrid model and proposes the ‘augmented advisor’ which means that AI provides employees with more efficiency and flexibility.

Emotional AI: to ensure that no customer remains misunderstood

At Zaion, we believe that the voice is essential because it conveys emotion and identity.

This makes it easy to detect the needs and intentions of customers, even in the most urgent situations.
In order not to leave any customer misunderstood, Zaion is developing an inclusive platform accessible to all.

Detecting emotion is a sensitive and unavoidable variable of a more human interaction, so detecting this variable means the bot can formulate an instantaneous response adapted to the sensitivity of each client.

Even if the advisor is a bot, the client is still a human at the end of the day!

IA émotionnelle : pour qu’aucun client ne reste incompris