Accelerating our research and technology development

“Researchers and doctors from all over the world are interested in our work. With the creation of the Zaion Lab, we will accelerate our research and technology development. Our priority is to invest in the team and to attract the best talent. We have great ambitions and will continue to revolutionize our industry. We all have the same entrepreneurial spirit and passion, and our common goal is to make even the most disruptive ideas take form.”

Franz Fodéré,
President and Founder of Zaion

Zaion Becomes a Member of the NVIDIA Inception Program

Founded in 2017 by Franz Fodéré, the French startup Zaion has become a member of the NVIDIA Inception program.
NVIDIA Inception targets leading AI startups that are revolutionizing their industries.
This virtual accelerator provides program members with assistance, expertise in advanced technologies such as Deep Learning, and support for startups exploiting Artificial Intelligence (AI). The program provides access to the market, Deep Learning labs, and NVIDIA technologies.

Collaborative work and testing new concepts

The Zaion Lab is managed under the responsibility of Franz Fodéré (Founder) and Gérard Chollet (Scientific Advisor). It is made up of around ten PhDs, engineers, and specialists in targeted technologies who come from the largest research laboratories and the most renowned schools in their fields.

In this open space dedicated to meetings between professionals, customers, decision-makers and researchers, the Zaion Lab aspires to promote teamwork and to test out new concepts related to customer relationship solutions enhanced by Artificial Intelligence.

This open approach to the outside world is intended to be a springboard for the most innovative ideas, which in turn contributes to building the customer relationship of the future through practical applications.

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Listen / Speak

At Zaion Lab, we firmly believe in the incomparable power of the voice. Voice not only conveys our intentions and ideas, but also our mental states and feelings. At the same time, it is also a means of recognizing our gender, age, and sometimes even some of our personality traits.

Our Zaion Lab team designs intelligent tools capable of understanding the nature of your request and your emotional state beyond the spoken message. Thanks to our emotional artificial intelligence tools, your request is addressed with empathy and kindness to provide you with an instant and personalized response.

Solve / Transfer

The multidisciplinary nature of the Zaion Lab team enables it to design innovative solutions designed to significantly improve the customer experience. Our goal is to reduce waiting times and increase expertise!

Our tools designed specifically for call centers means we are able to handle the various customer requests in an optimal and autonomous way and without any human intervention. Our algorithms offer the most appropriate type of processing depending on the nature of the request and the caller which guarantee a high quality of service and a smooth customer experience.

Support / Improve

At Zaion, we believe that the transformation of a business can only be achieved through the development of its human capital. In addition to the customer experience, our technologies are designed to transform the employee experience on a daily basis. Our tools are dedicated to automating repetitive tasks with no added value, assisting employees in complex situations, and supporting them in their continuous skill development.

By combining scientific expertise and good industry practice, the technologies provided are easy for employees to use and their impact on productivity and quality of service is quickly measurable.


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Become part of the customer relationship revolution!


Become part of the customer relationship revolution.



Contact us by phone on 01 88 61 00 00 or alternatively provide us with your contact details.


Become part of the customer relationship revolution.



Contact us by phone on 01 88 61 00 00 or alternatively provide us with your contact details.

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