Making Bots Both Affective and Effective

Webinar Zaion et Opus Research

September 23rd 2021  – 7:00pm (CET)   /   1:00pm (EDT)

Executives from Opus Research and Zaion will present a live video discussion and demonstration of technologies and approaches to making affective bots more effective for customers. 

Professionals who work in CX, Contact Centers and Customer Care are eager to find solutions that make callbots and chatbots both affective and effective. In other words, bots need to meet the core demand of being competent and capable of completing their tasks, but also empathetic to customers’ emotional state and sensitive to their needs. 

Topics include: 

  • How does affective application of AI result in effective responses? 
  • Can a bot really be empathetic? 
  • What is the downside of mis-applying Emotional AI? 
  • Is there a clear way forward for making the most of Emotional AI? 

Presented by 

  • Alya Yacoubi, Head of Zaion Lab AI 
  • Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research 
  • Derek Top, Research Director, Opus Research 
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