Zaion can help you in the implementation of the Business Continuity Plan

The Government has announced that the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has reached stage 3. Various measures have been taken by the Government which could result in many staff being kept at home.

BCPs (Business Continuity Plans) will be based on a massive uptake of remote working. However, the implementation of this system will certainly reveal difficulties in the transfer of telephone calls.

To support you during this time, Zaion offers a PCA Callbot which is designed to convert a telephone hotline into e-mail or any asynchronous channel, thus facilitating the processing of requests by your employees from their home.

Here is a short description of a BCP scenario designed by Zaion:

  • Receipt of all overflow telephone flows from your call centers, management service or agency
  • Context-specific messages
  • Collection of reasons for the call with caller identification (where applicable)
  • Screening of the request and its urgency
  • Sending a structured e-mail with the customer’s information, the reason for the call and the written transcript of the request to a generic e-mail box or any other suitable tool.

If you need any further information on this important subject we will be happy to help you.

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