The augmented advisor: assisting with complex tasks

At Zaion, we believe that technological transformations mark the beginning of a new era for advisors: their work is changing, their role is becoming more important and their added value is increasing.

By outsourcing recurring, low value-added requests to the Callbot, agents are able to deal with more complex inquiries.

To assist the advisor, Zaion uses a solution that provides additional features to help the advisor handle the call better.

In this way, Zaion improves the experience for both customers and advisors!

Augmented Supervisor: automatic and high-quality measurement of conversations

To improve customer experience, Zaion offers real-time monitoring of all conversations managed by the agent.

This value-generating solution allows supervisors to either identify high-risk conversations in order to take over or transfer them, or alternatively build on and improve best practices.

View transcripts in real time

The supervisor is able to control the conversations in real time from the Botcenter. They have access to their current status, their transcription and they can filter the conversations for further analysis through an alert system at any time.

In this way, the supervisor can focus on training agents to resolve more complex cases.

Because of AI, the supervisor’s skills are enhanced.



- Useful identification of information for the advisor

- Real-time feedback directly on the advisor's computer

- Summary of the organized information collected during the conversation when connected to the CRM

- Enabling automatic task execution

- Identification of business cross-sell opportunities


- Evaluation of operational risk in real time via text or voice analysis sent

- Automatic control of the proper application of regulatory or compliance procedures

- Compliance with the qualitative criteria of the conversation, such as rephrasing and vocabulary, as well as recovery through Speech Analytics

- Identification of conversation typologies useful for continuous-process improvement

- Identify best practices to boost the first contact resolution rate