Botcenter®: the platform dedicated to managing your conversational agents

Solutions for an optimal customer experience. For every customer need, there’s a suitable bot.

4 February 2021
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  • Botcenter®: the platform dedicated to managing your conversational agents

Solutions for an optimal customer experience

For every customer need, there’s a suitable bot

Which bots are available for you to put in place? At Zaion, Zaion, our AI-enriched customer relationship solutions  meet a wide range of needs:

  • The Callbot: it answers the phone automatically and can maintain a spoken conversation with the caller. It is ideal for relieving congestion on customer service lines, answering simple requests, and providing information on files and applications.
  •  The Chatbot: this is a conversational agent that appears in the form of a chat window on your website. In this case, it can exchange written messages with the user in complete autonomy. It is recommended for giving information on products or services, making personalized estimates in real time, and creating or modifying customer files and applications.
  • The MessagingBot: it works on the same principle as Chatbot, but is available in messaging services such as WhatsApp or Messenger. This means that customers can ask their questions directly via these applications. The MessagingBot is ideal for providing an instant response to users, providing key information or creating automated reminders such as reservations or appointments.
A 360° view of your enhanced customer relationship: the Botcenter®

The Botcenter® is an interface that allows 360° control of interactions with your customers regardless of whether you are using the Callbot, Chatbot or MessagingBot.

Live Supervision!

Observe, read, listen, and pinpoint your conversations by having access to the main volume flow indicators in real time:

  • The number of conversations in progress and over the course of the day
  • Commitment rate
  • Transfer rates
  • Repetition rate
  • Average length of conversations

Replay Conversations!

Recorded data: comprehensive details of your conversations over time such as the date, time, status, duration, transcription, audio, and tickets. This gives you the possibility of analyzing your customers’ conversations in real time.

Pins: find the conversations pinned in supervision that you wish to return to.

Analyze Analytics!

Volume: quantitative view of all your volume by hour, day, week, month and the main supervision indicators.

Performance of your KPIs in a single click:

  •       Commitment rate
  •       Quality of screening rate
  •       Automation rate
  •       Identification and authentication rate
  •       Transfer rates
  •       And all those specific to use cases

Can be selected by day, hour, or minute.

Timeframe: A review of performances and their evolution over time.

Expertise Callflow/Chatflow!

Go right to the heart of your conversations and use customer journeys to:

  •   Measure the bot’s ability to focus on its purpose
  •  Determine strategic crossing points and group them together
  •   Identify failed situations and intervene in terms of wording, machine learning, and design

This is an essential tool for continuous improvement!

Contact Support!

Zaion is always available to help you with:

  •       Optimal use of the Botcenter
  •       The processing of your tickets
  •       Listening to your needs

The Botcenter® illustrates Zaion’s ability and strength in its approach to AI-enhanced customer relations.

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions enable us to accomplish ambitious goals in terms of improving customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

Are you interested in implementing AI technologies and in real-time management through an intuitive interface? Contact us for a demo and personalized advice.

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