Conversational agents – assets for your customer relations

Chatbots, Callbots, and Messagingbots - find out how conversational agents can boost your sales and improve your customer relations.

20 July 2021
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Conversational agents: strengthen your customer relations

Multi-channel solutions such as Chatbots, Callbots, and Messagingbots are showing an increased acceleration in the largely digital-driven transformation of customer relations, which is leading brands towards a more and more conversational dimension.

Often perceived as a cost center, the customer relationship has a strategic place in organizations. 67% of companies consider customer relations to be important and strategic. Having a good experience has an immediate impact on consumer satisfaction and loyalty. And this in turn is reflected in the sales figures.

New tools based on artificial intelligence now make it possible to respond effectively to users’ needs.

What are the different conversational agents?

The implementation of conversational agents can be done in various ways and with various technologies. These bots can be used for both oral and written conversations.

The Chatbot and Messagingbot

These two conversational agents use written language to interact with prospects or customers.

The Chatbot is a conversational agent that interacts in writing through a website, unlike the Callbot. There are two types of chatbots: the first is an interface that serves as a supplementary communication channel between a customer and a human advisor. The second one is a real bot, programmed to respond to users’ typed requests which gives users the chance to ‘chat’ with the bot in a dedicated window. In this case, NLP allows the bot to analyze semantics to give appropriate answers to customer requests.

As for the MessagingBot, it carries out a conversation via instant messaging services such as Messenger and WhatsApp. This kind of bot is ideal for giving quotes, providing product or delivery information, sending reminders, making purchase suggestions, and creating customer files.

The Callbot

The Zaion Callbot is a conversational agent capable of holding a voice conversation with the caller. It has an emotional intelligence, allowing it to analyze and understand the tone and state of mind of the caller. This means that it can adapt its speech.

The perk of this bot is that it can answer and process many calls simultaneously.

The Callbot can be broken down into 3 steps:

  • As soon as the call is received, the Welcomebot greets, identifies, and understands the customer’s request, all of which is expressed in natural language
  • If this request can be automated, the Processingbot takes care of the entire procedure. If not, the call is transferred to the appropriate advisor
  • In the event that the advisors are unavailable, the Overflowbot intervenes to manage the calls, which will be transcribed into a structured email to the advisor for asynchronous processing

The implementation of a Callbot is ideal for managing large call flows and reducing the waiting time of customers on the phone. This eases the burden on call center hotlines and ensures that the after-sales service team is available and responsive.

How can conversational agents be used to support customer relations?

Conversational agents equipped with artificial intelligence are real assets to guide a visitor or a consumer in their search for information, products, or during the buying process.

Conversational agents can facilitate access to information and improve the availability of services

Whether you are a public service or an e-commerce site, consumers will ask you for information about your products, services, or their file. The volume of requests can be extremely large and can even peak during periods of high activity or crisis situations. By using conversational agents, you are able to process all requests simultaneously and provide a quick and relevant response.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, Zaion deployed an Overflowbot and a Processingbot for the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity in 48 hours. This made it possible to provide answers easily and quickly to the questions that millions of citizens were asking for in this uncertain health crisis period. The Coronavirus information platform is still available to answer calls from citizens under any circumstances, even during the peak periods after government speeches.

They detect buying intentions and encourage conversion

As an example, Zaion has collaborated with Butagaz by deploying the first voice-based virtual shopping assistant. Named Lisa, it is able to respond to customers’ needs 24/7. This is a very efficient and unique way to ask for a new gas tank or to order a new one through speech. This revolutionary conversational agent helps increase and sustain conversions.

They help to establish an extensive customer relationship follow-up

Call centers and after-sales service teams have a large number of requests to manage, which sometimes hinders them from carrying out a thorough and personalized follow-up. This can have an impact on customer satisfaction and consequently on consumer loyalty. By setting up conversational agents, they can take over after the processing of a request in after-sales service, get in touch with the customer to review their request, propose additional services or products, as well as get their opinion on the process.

They are able to make personalized recommendations

What could be better for a customer than to have personalized recommendations based on their previous purchases? With the help of conversational agents, you can deliver a much more advanced and personalized shopping experience through the data collected and the history of the conversations, thus encouraging more conversions. Artificial intelligence is able to learn as it goes along and provide more relevant advice to the user.

Implementing a conversational agent such as a Chatbot on your website is an excellent way to detect buying intentions. This solution allows you to guide the visitor in their search and encourage conversion.

Conversational agents are a winning combination of being responsive, communicative, and relevant. They have everything you need to establish a high-quality customer relationship.

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