The insurance sector: AI solutions to improve customer service

Why integrate Artificial Intelligence in the insurance industry ?

2 December 2020
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Why integrate Artificial Intelligence in the insurance industry?

The development and dissemination of Artificial Intelligence is triggering technological revolutions in many sectors. Conversational agents are gradually becoming the preferred choice for thousands of companies. In the insurance sector, these AI solutions can significantly improve customer service and optimize the use of resources. Discover Zaion’s Artificial Intelligence customer relationship solutions.

Customer service in the insurance sector

The customer journey and user experience are often key elements in the success of a company. After all, a successful experience can lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty. These two criteria are essential to ensure the sustainability of your company.

In the insurance-assistance sector, customer service must be particularly attentive. Users need to exchange regularly with their insurance company for many steps such as registration, contract information, and claims. As a result, the call centers of these companies are often very busy and it can be difficult to reach them. This is where AI plays a key role and conversational agents become very useful. It enables solutions to be put in place that take over from advisors for simple requests or help them process their exchanges more quickly.

The uses of AI in this sector

So how do conversational agents fit into the insurance industry’s customer journey? There are many examples of use, and they concern all areas of the field.

Property and casualty insurance (P&C)

In a P&C insurance context, conversational agents can allow companies to be more responsive to:

  • Processing change requests or contract information,
  • Providing certificates,
  • Handling compensation claims, as well as calls related to their follow-up such as the status of a case, the next steps, or missing documents.


To streamline the customer journey and provide swift processing of requests, AI can be used to:

  • Give information on reimbursements linked to health benefits,
  • Give information on the rights and guarantees relating to a contract,
  • Provide a certificate of hospitalization,
  • Re-issue a health insurance card.


When processing retirement contracts, conversational agents can relieve staff of simple, time-consuming tasks and focus on more complex requests. AI will take care of requests concerning:

  • Certain information on the rights and procedures for winding-up a contract following retirement,
  • Information concerning a current pension contract,
  • Requests for information relating to a death and widowhood.
Zaion Solutions to improve the customer journey through AI

At Zaion, we offer a wide range of AI solutions for the insurance industry. Our conversational agents allow you to manage various assistance requests 24/7. By doing this, you can meet the need for reactivity which is considered essential in this sector.

Written conversational agents

Among our most popular solutions, we offer different types of conversational agents that interact in writing with your customers:

  • The Chatbot: located on your website, this chat agent is able to chat autonomously with a client. It can receive the request, understand it, and give an answer. If it is not able to answer the request, it can then refer the customer to one of your advisors.

  • The Messagingbot: in the same spirit as the chatbot, the Messagingbot is a conversational agent that communicates with your customers, but this time via applications such as Messenger or WhatsApp.
The Callbot

The user talks to the conversational agent over the phone. This allows them to obtain information on their contract, to make a preliminary claim for compensation or to update their personal situation.

The Augmented Advisor

This AI solution provides support to the insurance advisor during their calls. They will be able to quickly access or preemptively obtain useful information to process customer requests. Calls will be handled in less time and your telephone advisors will be more productive.

Interested in learning more about Zaion’s AI solutions? Browse our site and contact us for a personalized demo that fits your needs.

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