The user journey in public services: making the most of AI

Public services: Artificial Intelligence at the service of citizens ?

26 January 2021
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  • The user journey in public services: making the most of AI

Public services: Artificial Intelligence at the service of citizens?

The digitalization of state services and institutions began a decade ago and it is clearly accelerating. Numerous platforms have been set up to speed up procedures and facilitate the journey of users. New solutions for the public services sector can be implemented to improve remote relations.

The user experience in public services

Saturated telephone lines, lengthy file processing times… In the public service sector, user satisfaction is not easy. And for good reason: despite the implementation of digital platforms, some delays are still noticeable. The user experience is an important aspect of the journey and must be carefully managed to ensure user satisfaction. As a result, new devices such as conversational agents are being deployed to improve user relations.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for public institutions and services

The use of customer relationship solutions through Artificial Intelligence in the public service has become an excellent way to achieve many objectives. The key benefits of these technologies are as follows.

Facilitating access to certain information

As a ‘stand-alone’ technology, the conversational agent uses a very rich database through Artificial Intelligence to understand the requests, analyze them and find the appropriate answers. When a user is looking for information on a service or wants to follow up on their file, a conversational bot can provide the answers to their request, complete their file or confirm the sending of a document. All citizens therefore receive assistance at all times of the day, including outside of service opening hours.

Setting up a seamless crisis-management system

Emergency situations, such as those we have experienced with the Coronavirus outbreak, require the implementation of a crisis communication plan. In this type of situation, telephone services are often engaged, and agents can no longer answer the phone. This can lead to a reaction of panic for users who cannot be sufficiently advised. In such situations, conversational solutions provide clear information to as many people as possible. A Callbot handles thousands of requests simultaneously, in addition to the human ones.

Directing and processing calls

Since public administration and services are often organized into several branches with different specialties, users do not necessarily find the right contact person the first time around. A conversational agent can direct callers to the right services with the correct expertise whilst carefully processing the questions and topics of the call. In this way, the advisor then has all the elements gathered up front at their disposal to process the request more quickly and effectively. Organizing the management of incoming calls through the welcome bot and processing makes it possible to offer an optimized service.

Automating appointment booking

Making an appointment when the phone lines are busy can become an ordeal for users. The use of a conversational bot makes it possible to automate appointment booking. This can take the form of a Chatbot on the site of the public service concerned or be done by voice via a Callbot. This makes the user’s journey smoother, and the user will be satisfied with the result.

Delegating time-consuming tasks

Some repetitive tasks take up too much time and manpower. With a powerful AI solution, it is possible to delegate a set of time-consuming tasks to a bot. Taking the example of the utilities sector, the processing of file follow-up or basic information requests can be carried out automatically by conversational agents.

This gives the advisors more time to process complex requests requiring human intervention.

Decongesting telephone lines

All the strengths of AI in public services as mentioned above can have a positive effect on traditional communication channels. By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing call management, the telephone lines of institutions and administrations can be decongested. The telephone advisors are dedicated to complex cases and citizens are taken care of more quickly. A long-term and sustainable improvement of the user experience will be quickly noticeable.

Zaion’s AI Solutions

Zaion offers a range of high-performance solutions to support public administrations and public services in improving citizen relations and optimizing user processes:

  • The Chatbot and Messagingbot: automated written exchanges with users,
  • The Agent Assist: real-time assistance to efficiently handle customer requests.
  • The Callbot: for natural language voice interactions with users.

Why wait any longer to start offering a superior service to your citizens? If you are interested in our Artificial Intelligence solutions for the public service sector, contact us for a demo.

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