How did Lisa, the first sales Callbot in Europe, automate a share of Butagaz’s orders?

Butagaz wanted to automate some of its orders to streamline the processing of these calls and relieve its teams while maintaining a close relationship with its customers.

2 February 2022
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  • How did Lisa, the first sales Callbot in Europe, automate a share of Butagaz’s orders?

Find out why Butagaz chose Zaion to automate a portion of its inbound calls and expand its 24/7 ordering service

Butagaz has teamed up with Zaion to implement a Callbot solution called Lisa. As a result, Butagaz has been able to provide a fast, personalized and flexible service that matches up to its customers’ expectations.

To date, Lisa has placed nearly 60,000 orders. This solution has made it possible to create a complete customer journey starting from the classification of requests to taking orders, to follow-up and delivery. Lisa the Callbot has resulted in two main achievements for the company:

Improvements to the omnichannel customer journey

  • 24/7 call handling
  • Offering a conversational channel that matches customer expectations
  • Identifying the customer and their request by voice

Increased customer satisfaction

  • Immediate response time
  • 24/7 availability
  • Seamless customer experience

With Zaion’s turnkey solution, Butagaz has scored a customer satisfaction rating of over 8/10 based on the quality of its service.

Agnès Testard, Customer Experience Director at Butagaz highlights that “Whether the orders either come from Lisa, from our customer area on the site, or are accepted by a human customer advisor, there’s no difference in terms of quality.”

Jason Houli, Customer Experience Project Manager at Butagaz states that “The real advantage of Zaion is the customer relationship. We don’t start with technology, we start with the customer relationship. That’s what Zaion is really all about.”

Thierry Peyrabère, Customer Success Manager at Zaion points out that “The AI must be able to understand, interpret and therefore process in the interest of the customer journey which has been defined with Butagaz. The bot is not an end in itself, it has to provide a service both to Butagaz and to Butagaz’s customers.”

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