How did Logement Familial de l'Eure (LFE) manage to automate 60% of its incoming calls?

The increasing digitalization of interactions has raised the level of customer requirements in terms of availability and responsiveness. Learn how LFE launched a Callbot project to automatically classify and process recurring requests.

10 November 2021

LFE has implemented 3 Callbots to reduce the cost of handling low-value calls

Learn more about which types of requests have been automated and the advantages for both customers and advisors for an successful customer experience.

By implementing these different Callbots, the landlord has been able to maintain the closeness that is essential for an effective and successful customer experience while also keeping the phone as the main communication channel.

In this case study, you can read the testimonial of Patricia Lamour, Head of Sales & Customer Service at LFE.

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