CX Factory

Our CX Factory teams provide daily support for the implementation, training, and continuous improvement of your new conversational agent creation tool

The CX Factory brings together a multidisciplinary team that enables Zaion callbots to stand out from the competition in order to offer the best natural language customer experience on the market.

It is comprised of artificial intelligence experts in the fields of voice design, natural language conversational path design and back-end conversation development, and management of innovative projects focused on the customer experience.

All members of the CX Factory are dedicated to sharing their expertise with the client and maximizing the performance of our callbots.

CX Factory

  • Client: Project management, conversational design, account management
  • Tech: Conversation development, platform configuration, custom integration of our solutions
  • Customization: Bot customization (voice, empathy, language), reporting customization in the Zaion Analytics platform, continuous improvement of the Zaion Data Bank
  • Zaion Academy: Customized training, change management support, Zaion Assistant handover and coaching.