The Chatbot - for natural written conversations

What is a Chatbot? Why is it an essential tool in your customer relationship?

What is a Chatbot?

The chatbot is a conversational robot (chat + bot) that communicates in writing and in natural language with users.

The major challenge of the chatbot for companies is to strengthen the engagement with their customers when they are already interacting with the brand via the website or mobile app.

Bots help customers get answers to their simple everyday questions 24/7 as well as enabling advisors to focus on more value-added tasks. When it comes to transferring the conversation to an agent, it needs to be as seamless and natural a transition as possible. This is why we have added a Livechat feature to our chatbots.

How does a chatbot work?

Zaion’s chatbots leverage Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and are context sensitive. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, they improve on a daily basis, learning from each conversation.

Through predictive analytics and AI, they are able to provide a tailored response based on the detected intent, the customer context, and previously processed conversations.

The Livechat functionality can be activated with a single line of code to be copy-pasted. With the help of the Zaion Assistant platform, you can autonomously set up the tasks to be automated and the conversational flows as well as the right moments to switch to a physical advisor.


Why should you integrate a chatbot into your customer service?

Whether you are a small or large company, or in the retail, banking, insurance or energy sectors, here is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of chatbots:

1. Provides instant help at the right time
  • Contact is made at a decisive moment when the customer is already interacting with the brand
  • The bot and the human work together to serve the customer, so that no need goes unanswered
  • Automatic routing to an advisor when necessary with context transfer
2. Boosts your results
  • A visual display of performance allowing you to continuously improve the tool and manage the teams
  • Direct contact with your customers on the site
  • An automation rate of about 30%
  • Generates ROI and customer satisfaction
3. Connect your technical ecosystem
  • Easily link third-party data from your CRM or other internal tools to the chatbot


4. Maximizes customer engagement
  • Personalized and contextualized messages
  • Conversation history
  • An eye-catching pop-up
  • A chat button for customer-driven communication
6. Management of the tool’s functionalities
  • 2 types of profiles available: advisor view or administrator view
  • Customization of the chat appearance such as colors, languages, and logo
  • Advisor management including prioritization, parallelization, and performance KPIs