The Messagingbot - for rewarding multi-channel communication

The Messagingbot enables you to have
instant conversations with your customers
to optimize their customer experience,
particularly in today's ultra-connected world.

The Zaion Messagingbot is designed for
enriching multi-channel communication!

Instant messaging is a great way to boost your customer journey and sales

In order to create engaging customer experiences, companies must stay as close as possible to the customer. One of the ways that helps brands to stay in touch is through instant messaging. Instant message conversations like those on Facebook or WhatsApp are already extremely popular in people’s private lives, so brands are keen to develop this technology to optimize their customer experience in today’s increasingly connected world.

Why implement instant messaging at your company?

In the realm of written communication, we can now find that instant messaging is now rapidly spreading. For brands still wondering why instant messaging is a good way to enhance the customer experience, all studies show that a growing number of customers feel dissatisfied with the means of communication on offer to contact their customer service. They want to be able to choose between different channels to have direct contact with the brand, and they tend to turn away from brands that do not offer them their favorite means of communication.

In a world where we are all spending more and more time on smartphones and tablets, companies clearly have an interest in setting up instant messaging and making themselves available to their customers at all times. When a message is sent through this channel, it is usually read within a few seconds of being received.

A study conducted by the French State Department for Digital Affairs revealed a very interesting fact about instant messaging: the daily usage rate of instant messaging services jumped from 42% to 52% between 2017 and 2018.

It is clear that the more channels a brand offers its customers to communicate, the higher their level of satisfaction is and the more loyal they are. Instant messaging therefore has a key role to play in the customer journey. Whether it be easy contact with an advisor, order tracking or even renewals, all steps are within the reach of customers thanks to their smartphone or tablet.

In addition, instant messaging enables companies to analyze feedback, compare figures and implement improvement measures.

The advantages of the Messagingbot