A pre-trained product designed for your sector that can be rolled out in less than 3 months to maximize your ROI.


The Welcomebot understands the nature of the request and accurately classifies the call to direct it either to the right advisor or to the processing bot based on assistance use cases.


  • Caller engagement: best practices to engage the caller and information about GDPR
  • Fine-tuned classification: intention and entities dedicated to the sector
  • Multi-factor identification and authentication compliant with security requirements
  • Routing to appropriate teams and advisors

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Breakdown service request and rental vehicle, voice geolocation, next steps, vehicle return
Claims, supporting documents, policies, collecting customer data
Claims, locksmith services, file follow-up
Home Assistance
Request for home assistance after hospitalization, medical information
Legal protection
File follow-up (most recent action carried out by the lawyer, missing documents), referral to the right person (support, expert advice)

Multichannel and multilingual solution

Interact effortlessly and seamlessly with your customers or policyholders, regardless of whether they use written or spoken communication channels.


Our solutions integrate perfectly with your IT ecosystem such as your CRM and telephony solutions, as well as with your business tools.


Scalable, robust, and evolving infrastructure to meet the demands of the largest organizationsc


  • Scalable solution based on a distributed architecture in the cloud for agility in large-scale deployment
  • Access to conversation and application logs to track changes in your bots and monitor the solution
  • Health checks and auto healing to ensure proper functioning and to automatically restart if needed
  • Case by case updates to avoid downtime


Data protection guaranteed


Our solution designed for the most critical business requirements – scalable, secure, and high performance. It is an independent solution with 100% proprietary technologies and sovereignty in terms of data protection. A specific system with multiple redundancies at all levels of the technical and organizational chain to guarantee 24/7 availability.