Public service

L’IA au service des usagers

AI at the service of users

At Zaion we have created a ‘Public Procurement’ department to provide a comprehensive, straightforward and personalized response from the first contact. In this way we support users in their dealings with public institutions and services.

Zaion’s solution automates the management and handling of files in a secure environment that guarantees the confidentiality of user data.

Zaion automates high-volume conversations and assists advisors in their daily work

National services
General information
– Crisis management
– Schedule management
– Promotional offers
– Information desk guidance (screening)
– Schedule management
– Follow-up steps
– Invoicing and payment
Security, specific, services and communities
Creation of a vocal information desk
– Request for assistance in the case of emergencies
– Registration and file follow-up
– File access and account tracking
– Security, Specific Services and Communities