Bénéfice de l’IA : une meilleure accessibilité service pour plus d’autonomie client

The benefits of AI: better service availability for more customer independence

In a world of deregulation, cost pressures and changing customer expectations, suppliers can no longer rely on low prices to maintain a competitive edge.

As customer experience is a major differentiating factor, suppliers must increase the number of self-service options.

Zaion puts in place a 24/7 service so customers can report anomalies, as well as stop and restart services.

What’s more, there is an automated and organized vocal summary report that can aid the technicians’ daily work and optimize their operations.

Zaion automates high-volume conversations and assists advisors in their daily work

– File registration or account transfer
– Follow-up or modifications
– Cancelation or closure of account
– Inquiries
Maintenance & outages
– Request for assistance
– Follow-up of maintenance
– Complaint follow-up and ticket closing
– Summary report
Account Management
– Account tracking and customer area
– Contract and membership
– Invoicing and payment