Improve customer satisfaction by taking into account emotions in real time!

Despite the recent emergence of many new channels for handling customer requests, studies show that the telephone is still popular with customers. The customer experience in call centers is therefore a major challenge for companies. To respond effectively to different requests, part of this channel can be automated by introducing conversational robots or “callbots”. The cold, robotic voices of traditional messaging are now being replaced by a new kind of agent: robots with emotional intelligence capable of detecting, understanding, and adapting to the emotions of the caller in real time.

At Zaion, our callbots are equipped with dual intelligence:

Rational intelligence enables them to assess the request and process it in a short time
Emotional intelligence can adapt and personalize their speech according to customer’s emotional state

Artificial Intelligence and emotions: the winning duo for a fulfilling customer experience

Through the power of machines and the growing amount of data, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the human-machine relationship by learning skills previously reserved for humans such as understanding and generating natural language, translation, and speech recognition.

Our R&D teams are armed with in-depth expertise in both AI and customer relations to make our virtual consultants more sensitive by integrating emotional intelligence.

The newly developed skills of detecting, understanding and reasoning based on the emotion of the caller make our callbots even more human and empathetic.

This new type of empathy is artificial but not contrived. This human-robot relationship happens spontaneously and as naturally as it does between two people. Zaion’s goal is to design and develop these intelligent tools with this philosophy in mind.

Creating a more rewarding employee experience

Beyond strengthening the link between the client and the callbot, emotional AI is a real time-saver for advisors. In the face of these new challenges, their role is changing and they are increasingly dealing with high value-added demands.

This is where the callbot comes in. With its new functionalities, it can process recurring requests without the need for human intervention. Having conversations that better understand the issues surrounding the customer request means that the callbots can process the call more efficiently.

As for the physical advisors, also called “augmented advisors”, they can focus on new assignments. The callbot can assist them in tasks like:

• Providing information necessary to formulate a response,
• Transferring files and data concerning the customer request,
• Automatic task execution

This assistance increases the productivity of the advisor, who can focus on the client’s particular requests as they are now relieved from the most time-consuming and tiring tasks.

In this way Zaion puts people at the heart of technology by offering a rich and personalized user experience while ensuring continuous improvement in the daily lives of your employees.

This is a revolution that will build loyalty with customers, who will be delighted to have an attentive ear at the end of the phone!

Discover the value of voice

The voice is an the emotional medium unlike any other: our tone, speech rate and pitch variations are very good indicators of our emotional state. In addition to the semantic analysis of the request, our callbots are able to precisely analyze these aspects to determine the emotion expressed, regardless of language or accent. To provide you with an even more personalized response, they are also able to figure out your gender and adapt their response accordingly.