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Zaion combines a team of experts in conversational AI and customer relationship management to deploy AI-powered bots across written and voice channels for its clients.

major accounts across all sectors
calls handled per month by 100 callbots in production
The deployment of Artificial Intelligence solutions can often be a source of apprehension within companies and the teams concerned. These fears arise for several reasons:

Apprehension of the teams regarding AI and the place that the Bot will take in their scope of activity

Lack of training and skills to drive AI projects

Lack of visibility and foresight into the organizational needs of deploying and sustaining a conversational Bot

Nowadays we are putting our organizational, technical, and business expertise at the service of your teams. They can help you in the deployment of our solutions and guarantee a knowledge transfer that is essential for the full success of your projects.
Our different Zaion Academy training courses have been developed to ensure better adoption of the solutions and to support your digital transformation.
• Train your employees, whose scope will be modified following the bot implementation
• Increase the skills of your internal resources – technical and business – for the development and sustainability of your AI projects
• Involve your advisors in the training of the bots as they will need a learning phase
• Learn to work together with these new tools – this can prepare you for future changes in the advisor’s job

• A complete mastery of the issues related to the voice channel

• Theoretical sessions designed specifically for your business sector and the solutions deployed

• Roleplays by profile for greater understanding and a practical approach to your future tasks – examples include for a manager of a team of advisors, or a supervisor

Our trainers

Throughout your training, you will benefit from personalized support from project managers specialized in your industry and Zaion Lab engineers to bring you both technical and business expertise.


Our certification courses include different learning formats adapted to your needs

    • E-learning
    • Webinar and Replay available
    • Immersion learning days
    • Masterclass on a specific topics


Follow your progress and test your knowledge

    • Intermediary quizzes and online self-assessment
    • Practical case studies
    • Final assessment for certification

The advantages of the Zaion Academy

Autonomous and flexible

Learn at your own pace and when suits you. You can choose when to receive training, either in parallel with the implementation of your AI project or separately.


Choose the course and the level of support that suits you according to your profile, your needs, and your project schedule.

Quick assimilation of knowledge

Speed up the learning process through regular practice and dedicated review tools.

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