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With our expertise in conversational AI, we are creating the customer relationship of the future that is increasingly engaging, interactive, and efficient.
Our technologies are designed to revolutionize the customer experience as much as to enhance the work of our employees on a daily basis.

For over four years, Zaion Lab has been driving state-of-the-art conversational AI through advanced work in speech recognition, natural language understanding, and emotion detection.

As a result of our technology’s performance, several large companies have finally been able to offer their customers an automated, multi-channel, and personalized approach to customer relations.

Proprietary technologies

Conversational AI

  • Zaion Speech: accurate real-time or asynchronous transcription of conversations, recognition of specific data formats such as different customer number formats and license plates, resilience against noise and poor-quality phone signals
  • Emotional AI: detection of specific emotions during the call, identification of sensitive topics and annoyances
  • Speaker Profiler: detection of static voice characteristics, instant recognition of caller’s age and gender
  • Advanced NLU: pre-trained on thousands of conversational data, contextualized for your business, with a very high level of performance (98% recognition rate)
  • Context Manager: takes into account conversation history, intelligent management of interruptions and digressions, personalization of the conversation according to the emotional context
  • Novelty Detector: system for identifying unknown data from the bot, unsupervised approach to analyze conversational data and translate raw and unstructured data into relevant insights

Partnerships & Awards

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Our News

Find in-depth content about our technologies, research, and partnerships to keep up to date with our latest innovations.
Our research focuses on speech recognition, natural language understanding, and emotion detection.
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The Zaion Lab regularly receives awards for the quality of its work and its innovation.
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The Zaion Lab Blog
Since not everyone is an AI expert, here are a few articles to help you decipher the technology.
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