Free your advisors from post-call data entry
and get real-time actionable information in your CRM
thanks to Zaion Generative AI.

Keep only the essentials
of each conversation

Based on Zaion Generative AI, AutoSummary summarizes 100% of your telephone conversations in real time, in a reliable, standardized way, for seamless management of your customer interactions.



The summary is available immediately after the call.


Get a free-text or structured summary, editable with one click.

with your business tools

Easily inject the summary into your CRM, management or analytics tools.

The benefits

Lower operating costs

Boost your efficiency and free up your advisors' time
to focus on the essentials:
- Quick access to key information, without having to reread the entire conversation
- Reduce LTA by up to 20%
- Reduce post-call follow-up time

Process harmonization and optimization

Generate structured, usable data for impeccable customer follow-up:
- Reduce omissions and approximations due to manual editing
- Uniform summaries that can be customized to your business vocabulary
- Standardized data that can be injected into CRM and used for strategic analysis

Improving the customer and consultant experience

Save your advisors valuable time, while providing them with a rapid and accurate understanding of your customers' needs:
Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks

-Improve the quality of processing and follow-up of customer requests
-Increase training opportunities for your advisors thanks to the time freed up.