Be on hand and available for
your customers in all situations
Optimisation des performances opérationnelles

What is the Overflowbot?

The Overflowbot supports your resources and takes care of all unanswered calls due busy lines, out of office hours or long waiting times. It distributes the essential information to the advisors by email for a cold processing.

Once the call has been assessed, the Overflowbot automatically sends all the relevant information to your employees by e-mail or in a workflow for asynchronous processing of the request.

Thanks to the Overflow Manager, you can manage your overflow activity and your pending customer requests in one click.

Standard features: management and configuration of the overflow

Bot activation
Activation/deactivation of the Bot according to time schedule or call volume
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Overflow KPIs
Quantitative analysis of the number of requests processed by the Bot
Flow management
Sending the overflow data stream for asynchronous processing via email or API
Open interface easily integrated into your technical ecosystem

Advanced features: management of overflow and your inventory of requests

Inventory management requests
Access to all pending and in-process tickets
Advanced activation
Adding business rules for a more efficient management of the Bot
Ticket allocation
Allocation of requests based on advisor skills
Management of follow-up and repetition
Automatic announcement of the request status in case of a callback
Resolution assistance
Semi-automated actions such as pre-filled emails, filling in fields, scheduling reminders, etc.
Performance analysis
Tracking and analysis of the effectiveness of customer request resolutions


Improved customer experience

  • Eliminate waiting time
  • Immediate support
  • 24/7 availability


Responsive, efficient and scalable

  • Operational deployment in less than 36 hours
  • Low level of IS integration required
  • Almost unlimited volume of calls handled simultaneously


Optimized employee experience

  • Reduction of processing time as a result of the information collected by the Bot
  • Planning optimization
  • Reduction of callback