Crisis management system enhanced by AI

In times of crisis,

Kraisis answers all calls no matter the volume or channel

and ensures a quick, consistent, and appropriate response

to support your workforce

Recurring threats to your service continuity

Recurring threats to your service continuity

An emergency that requires an almost immediate response
Unpredictable call peaks that can quickly overwhelm communication capacities
Insufficient resources and inadequate training for emergency situations
Compliance and speech consistency that are impossible to measure without a script
Lack of a knowledge base which limits the scope of response

A tested and ready-to-use device that can be immediately activated right when you need it

A scalable solution capable of handling almost unlimited volumes
A hybrid Bot-Advisor solution, guaranteeing the handling of calls and providing real-time support to advisors
IA Conversationnelle_rond_blanc
An AI pre-trained by sector capable of detecting emotions for an empathic and suitable response
A continuously enriched response database and improved conversational paths made possible by Machine Learning
IA Vocale_rond_blanc
Contextualized ASR
Natural language understanding
Zaion Optimized NLP
By business sector and intention detection for all types of crises
Zaion Voice AI
Language and caller profile detection such as age, emotions, and distress level
Geolocation of the caller requesting coordinates by voice
Smart Routing
Routing of the call to the most suitable and skilled employee

Matmut Success Story


“Our callbot was deployed in less than 7 days. It was able to process unanswered calls, transcribe a significant amount of them into emails containing the policyholder’s request, which then allows for asynchronous but efficient processing.”


François Di Zazzo, Deputy Managing Director of the Matmut Customer Service Department