The Callbot - for natural conversations

The callbot is a software able to understand the customer's intentions
in natural language and to give a precise answer according to the context.

It puts the voice back at the heart of customer relations through the use of AI!

What is the callbot?

“Call” refers to the phone channel and “Bot” refers to the ability to answer automatically and immediately.

The callbot is a software program capable of understanding customer intentions in natural language and providing a precise response according to the context.

In the course of time and through machine learning, bots become more intelligent and efficient. The solution is being used more and more in companies.

The voice at the heart of customer relations
The voice at the heart of customer relations

The voice at the heart of customer relations

These days the telephone still remains the preferred channel for users. This has been proven by the technologies developed by Big Tech firms and the studies carried out by specialized companies that reinforce and confirm the upward trend of voice.

With this in mind, Zaion’s callbot puts the voice back at the heart of the customer experience.

It has the most advanced cognitive capabilities on the market with models developed for every industry and thus allows the automation of many use cases.


Why choose the callbot?

Unlike the chatbot which relies on written language, the callbot allows users to be understood and give a spoken response. By using a virtual conversational voice agent, companies and organizations can make it easier for customers and users to access their customer service at any time, even while on the go.

Zaion’s AI technology automates the processing of high-volume conversations to improve customer relations.

Go further with the callbot

Oral communication is the most natural and efficient form of expression. Therefore, our R&D teams are working daily on the development of additional features to enrich and streamline our conversations.

“We are developing advanced algorithms to mitigate cognitive biases stemming from the source and gender in voice processing. This means that no speech is left misunderstood.”

Franz Fodéré, founder of Zaion

– 24/7 service

– Immediate response

– Innovative and personalized service

– Hybrid Advisor/Callbot approach

– Multilingual service
– Processing of higher value-added tasks

– Better availability for the customer

– Versatile and cross-functional
– Digitalization of the telephone channel for powering digital applications

– Multi-channel customer process management

– IS connection and databases
– Automation of contact screening

– Elimination of the post-call

– Decrease of call backs