The Callbot - for natural conversations

The callbot is a software able to understand the customer's intentions
in natural language and to give a precise answer according to the context.

It puts the voice back at the heart of customer relations through the use of AI!

What is the callbot?

“Call” refers to the phone channel and “Bot” refers to the ability to answer automatically and immediately.

The callbot is a software program capable of understanding customer intentions in natural language and providing a precise response according to the context.

In the course of time and through machine learning, bots become more intelligent and efficient. The solution is being used more and more in companies.

Why choose the callbot?

Unlike the chatbot that uses the written word, the callbot has the ability to understand spoken language (NLU) and formulate an oral reply. By using a virtual conversational voice agent, companies and organizations make access to their customer service easier, and the consumer or user can access it at any time for a quick response to their request.

Zaion’s AI technology automates the processing of high-volume conversations to improve customer relations. Through this agent powered by artificial intelligence, your advisors have access to accurate information on the caller’s profile and requests. Far from taking the place of a human, the bot helps them in their daily tasks.

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