Zaion Health Insurance

Conversation Agents dedicated to your industry
to respond to your members' requests

Step 1: Qualify the request with the Welcomebot

Welcomebot Santé revolutionizes the way you greet your members, transforming your interactions into smooth, efficient experiences. Thanks to our advanced NLU and ready-to-use Intent Data Bank, it qualifies the request, then identifies and authenticates the caller (date of birth, contract or member number, etc.) before routing for processing.

Step 2: Optimize your resources to meet demand

Once the Welcomebot has qualified the request, several scenarios are possible.

The request corresponds to an automatable use case.
It is transferred to a Processingbot for fully autonomous end-to-end processing.

The request requires human intervention.
It is transferred to the appropriate member of staff, with all the contextual information gathered by the Welcomebot, for efficient, wait-free processing.

Our dedicated use cases
for the health insurance sector

of documents

Suivi des remboursements

of the contract

member area


Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your IT ecosystem (CRM, telephony solution, SRC) and your business tools, to further automate processes and offer you a seamless experience.

Scalable, robust and scalable infrastructure tailored to the needs of the largest companies

Scalable solution based on a distributed architecture in the cloud for agile deployment on a larger scale.

Access to conversation logs and the application to track changes to your bots and monitor the solution.

Health check and self-healing to ensure proper operation and automatically restart if necessary.

Instance-by-instance updates to avoid downtimes.

Data protection guaranteed

The solution is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the enterprise: scalable, secure and high-performance. An independent solution with 100% proprietary technologies and sovereign data protection.