Cognitive AI

The voice is a very rich and complex channel that can contain
many indicators about the speaker beyond the words spoken:
his or her biological sex, age and emotions.

Emotional AI

At Zaion, we're convinced that conversational artificial intelligence can only be successful if it incorporates that aspect of human interaction that is so essential to natural language: emotion.

We have therefore developed a suite of algorithms for detecting fine-grained emotions in vocal signals. Zaion's proprietary technology enables us to enrich the information we collect, and thus personalize the conversational experience we offer.

Speaker Profiler

In order to personalize every experience with our bots, we have designed an algorithm to detect biological sex and age range. In less than two seconds, our bots are able to recognize these characteristics and modulate the conversation path. These characteristics can also be considered as a first level of fraud detection.

The performance of these algorithms is measured by their accuracy in the classification task: it reaches 98% for biological sex recognition and 90% for age detection.

Sentiment Analysis

By understanding the sentiments expressed in interactions, our AI enables our customers to quickly identify problems, proactively respond to user needs, and improve customer satisfaction.
It also helps detect early signals of dissatisfaction, enabling us to intervene before problems escalate and prevent customer disengagement.