Zaion Insurance

Conversational Agents dedicated to your industry
to respond to your policyholders' requests

Step 1: Qualify the request with the Welcomebot

Welcomebot Assurance revolutionizes the way you greet your customers, transforming your interactions into seamless, secure experiences. Thanks to our advanced NLU and ready-to-use Intention Data Bank, it qualifies the request, then identifies and authenticates the caller (date of birth, policy or insured number, etc.), before routing for processing.

Step 2: Optimize your resources to meet demand

Once the Welcomebot has qualified the request, several scenarios are possible.

The request corresponds to an automatable use case.
It is transferred to a Processingbot for fully autonomous end-to-end processing.

The request requires human intervention.
It is transferred to the appropriate member of staff, with all the contextual information gathered by the Welcomebot, for efficient, wait-free processing.

Our dedicated use cases
for the insurance sector

Claims management

of the contract

Life & Savings

insured area


Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your IT ecosystem (CRM, telephony solution, SRC) and your business tools, for a seamless experience and advanced process automation.

Your policyholders' data is safe

The solution is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the enterprise: scalable, secure and high-performance. An independent solution with 100% proprietary technologies and sovereign data protection.