Offer your customers an exceptional welcome
and let them express their requests in natural language

Reinvent your customer welcome

Say goodbye to tedious IVRs and long queues!
This virtual assistant ushers in a new era of customer care, allowing your visitors to express themselves naturally. Once the request has been qualified, the Welcomebot transfers it to a Processingbot for automated processing, or to the appropriate advisor.


& Qualification

Speak freely, the Welcomebot understands.

& Authentication

Uncompromising security for reliable exchanges.

Detection of
profile and emotions

Understand your customers beyond words.


Precise routing to the right expertise.

Benefits of

Enriching the Customer Experience

Offer an exceptional experience, tailored to your customers' needs at all times:
- Seamless, wait-free journey
- Personalized welcome from the very first contact
- Responses tailored to the emotions detected

Lower operating costs

Boost your efficiency by automating high-volume requests:
- Minimize routing errors
- Reduce processing time (DMT)
- Eliminate waiting time for simple requests

Optimizing resources

Distribute calls intelligently to turn your advisors into real experts:
- Focus on high value-added calls
- Contextual call transfer: reason, profile, history...
- Increase skills to handle complex requests

And you, have you
a callbot project?


Automation of repetitive tasks


Lower operating costs

+20 pts

Service quality