Conversational AI
designed for CX

Putting voice at the heart
of customer relations

Zaion's project was born out of an observation: in the omnichannel era, the telephone remains the most used and preferred channel for customers and users. We are convinced that the transformation of Customer Relations lies in the development of voice, which combines immediacy, efficiency and trust.

To achieve this, we have designed our own Conversational and Generative AI technologies, trained on dialogue (not text) and fine-tuned on Customer Relationship data.
The aim: to offer you the most powerful solutions on the market, while providing your customers and staff with a seamless, natural-language experience.

Customer Relations,
the concept that drives us

Founded in September 2017 by Customer Relations experts, Zaion has made Customer Experience its core business.
Our offering is built on the fundamentals of Customer Relations: availability, immediacy, and personalization are today the must-haves of a successful Customer Experience.

Notre ambition est de répondre à ces enjeux vitaux pour les entreprises en apportant un service toujours plus performant. L’équipe Zaion composée de profils issus de la Relation Client met son expertise technique et opérationnelle au service de vos projets.

Our response to the challenges of theCustomer Experience

Technological change and the digitization of customer journeys mean that the Customer Experience is constantly evolving: a complete, personalized response is expected for every customer.

Our autonomous and instantaneous technology has enabled us to develop callbots and chatbots with no preconceived answers, thanks to artificial intelligence. In response to these challenges, Zaion's platform is multilingual and targets an international audience.