Optimize your contact center's performance
by automating your outbound calls

Connect and transform your opportunities

The Outboundbot revolutionizes the way you connect your customers and prospects with your business teams. No more intrusive outbound calls, no more hours spent dialing numbers or talking to answering machines.

customer experience

Respond to your customers' needs in all circumstances and offer them a unique voice and text experience.

Flexible, seamless natural language customer journey with no waiting Personalized greeting (caller ID/authentication) Emotion detection to optimize call distribution

Productivity gains and reduced operating costs

Boost your productivity and customer service quality by automating high-volume call flows.

Reduction of DMT

Reduce call routing errors

Eliminate waiting time for simple requests


Native orchestration
of outgoing calls

Detection of answering machines
and invalid numbers

Intelligent callback management for unreachable numbers

Flexible call and volume planning

Fast, intuitive campaign deployment

Centralized monitoring of Bot and campaign performance in the Botcenter

The benefits of

Customer loyalty and engagement

Offer a proactive, flexible and efficient service without disrupting your customers:
- Possibility of scheduling appointments
- Reinforcement of customer self-care
- Strict respect of the privacy of contacted persons

Increased sales efficiency

Reduce processing time and optimize the work of your advisors:
- Increase contact and conversion rates
- Control outgoing call flow to optimize productivity
- Strict compliance with regulatory requirements

Optimizing resources

Free up your advisors for higher value-added tasks:
- Eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks (dialing, making appointments, etc.)
- Increase employee commitment
- Enhance skills for handling complex requests

And you, have you
a callbot project?


Automation of repetitive tasks


Lower operating costs

+20 pts

Service quality