Automatic Speech Recognition

The best transcription and speech recognition tools
for French customer relations

high quality

The transcription tools developed by the engineers at the Zaion AI & Data Factory are based on complex neural architectures that enable precise representation of the vocal and semantic characteristics of speech, enabling them to achieve a very low word error rate (WER) and thus a very high level of accuracy, surpassing that of any tool on the market.

In real time
or asynchronously

Conversation is instantaneous! Our transcription tool is designed to respond in real time, i.e. in less than 200ms, enabling a fluid conversation with a voice bot. This is also true for real-time call center support needs.

It is perfectly possible to use it in asynchronous mode for non-instantaneous applications. In this case, the response time would be one third of the recording time (on average).

Specific formats

Customer service interactions often include specific data formats that are rarely present in the datasets used for model training: alphanumeric references, spelling of surnames/first names, addresses, etc. The absence of these formats in the large vocabulary model training phase explains their unsatisfactory performance. The absence of these formats in the large vocabulary model training phase explains their unsatisfactory performance.

Zaion models combine a high-performance technical architecture with strong business expertise to recognize these patterns. The result? Zaion ASR recognizes more than 90% of the most complex alphanumeric references on the first try. This makes the customer identification phase smooth and natural.


Just as a deteriorated telephone signal renders speech unintelligible to the human ear, the performance of speech recognition tools is highly dependent on signal quality.

Our learning methodology forces the system to recognize speech independently of signal distortions.

Punctuated transcription

In a speech recognition system, punctuation and automatic formatting are essential.

Punctuation clarifies speech structure and facilitates comprehension, while automatic formatting ensures coherent, accessible text presentation.
Together, these elements ensure accurate transcription and enhanced readability.

Speaker Diarization

In a speech recognition system, it is crucial to separate the voices of different speakers. This helps the system to produce more accurate, easy-to-understand transcriptions.

By distinguishing who says what, we avoid confusion and ensure better understanding of the content.

PII Redaction

Our unique algorithm for anonymizing telephone conversation data is essential to protect the confidentiality of personal information exchanged during calls.

By removing sensitive data sorted by classes such as names and phone numbers, it ensures compliance with data protection regulations in line with the RGPD.