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A boosted natural language understanding (NLU) engine for customer relations, which adapts to different languages and dialects.

Our feedback on the Whisper Fine-Tuning Event

The result of a fruitful collaboration between the passionate linguists and expert engineers of the Zaion lab, our natural language understanding engine stands out for its very high level of performance, efficiency and adaptability to different languages and dialects.

This Week In Voice" podcast with Zaion

Alya Yacoubi, PhD, Head of Zaion Lab AI, joined a panel of AI experts on the tech podcast "This Week In Voice" hosted by Bradley Metrock to discuss the latest news in the world of voice and AI.

What data can be used to train socio-emotional dialogue generation systems?

The success of deep learning technologies, supported by the growing accessibility of ever larger data corpora, has contributed to the development of increasingly advanced dialog generation systems. At Zaion, we aim to research these more developed models for subsequent application in customer service.

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