Callbot automation for high-volume calls


Automate your phone calls with the callbot

The telephone is the preferred channel for consumers, but for many companies it's also where the rubber meets the road. Interminable waiting times, multiple transfers from department to department, unanswered requests... Today, to cope with peak call volumes, companies are turning to automation!

To lighten the load on your call center and give your customers the satisfaction they deserve, choose a callbot. This virtual agent powered by conversational artificial intelligence handles all incoming calls. It greets the customer, collects his data, qualifies the request, answers it itself or refers the caller to the right human advisor. In a word: revolutionary!


Forget the traditional IVR, make way for the callbot!

Today, when you call the standard number of a bank or insurance company, chances are you'll be greeted by an IVR, or interactive voice response system. This is the mechanical voice that asks you to press "1" to contact customer service, "2" to contact support, and so on. This simple software handles telephone calls and directs them to the right person within a company. While the IVR automates the greeting of customers and prospects, its functionality remains limited. Sometimes, it even makes the task more time-consuming, as 50% of customers press the "1" button on the phone without listening to the various options on offer. This makes for a repetitive and frustrating customer experience.

So how can you automate your phone calls really effectively? The answer is the callbot. Unlike the traditional IVR, this voice assistant responds in natural language to support customers and prospects over the phone. The callbot doesn't ask the caller to type "1" or "2" on his or her keypad, it understands him or her and interacts naturally with customers and prospects. It doesn't leave the caller waiting with interminable music on hold, but takes advantage of the opportunity to collect information and fill in a customer file in a CRM. In short, it offers far more advanced features for call center support!


With callbot software, you can be sure of :

  • Handle all incoming calls
  • Offer 24/7 telephone support, even during business hours
  • Reduce average treatment duration (ATD)
  • Reduce your call center's operating costs
  • Transfer the customer to the right department
  • Pass on the request to the human advisor, so that the customer doesn't have to repeat his problem for the umpteenth time.
  • Relieve your call center of repetitive, non-value-added tasks
  • Unleash your employees' potential
  • Improving the customer experience and boosting efficiency!


A call center that performs better than ever

The callbot is a software application based on conversational artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is capable of understanding and interpreting the human voice over the telephone. Using a database (such as a CRM), it assists human call center agents, or even handles customer requests itself.

At Zaion, for example, the callbot solution greets the caller, collects his or her information and then qualifies the request. If the request is complex, the customer is referred to a human advisor. Otherwise, the call is handled entirely by AI.


In particular, the call center can automate the following functions:

  • Consult company schedules, order status, bank account balance, etc.
  • Login and password recovery
  • Reporting an accident or claim
  • Book, change or cancel an appointment
  • Document reprinting


The callbot: crisis management software

A general strike, an industrial accident, a shortage...In the face of crisis, automated phone calls can save your business. At Zaion, the Kraisis callbot is an AI-enhanced crisis management device. It accompanies your customer service department during emergencies, helping to maintain good customer relations. It counters the serious consequences of unforeseen and undesirable events. If your company is drawing up crisis management plans, artificial intelligence will be able to assist in time. The Kraisis callbot will handle all incoming calls, according to this process:

  • FAQ-type information request: the bot responds immediately to the customer
  • Complex or incomprehensible request: the bot refers the customer to a human advisor
  • Non-crisis request: the bot discourages the customer from calling back later because the request is not a priority

With this AI software, all your telephone calls are taken care of. You're sure to respond correctly and reactively to all your customers and prospects. In short, it's both a phenomenal time-saver for your call center and a way of greatly reducing the impact of the crisis on your business!


Key benefits of the Kraisis callbot :

  • Handle call peaks without human intervention
  • Benefit from a rapidly scalable and activatable solution
  • Supporting customers in real time with a hybrid Bot - Advisor solution
  • Take advantage of pre-trained AI by sector, capable of offering rapid, homogeneous, empathetic responses adapted to the crisis context

By choosing the Zaion callbot to automate your telephone calls, you can relieve your agents of repetitive tasks and improve customer relations!

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