Zaion wins i-Nov innovation award


Zaion was chosen as the winner for its "Smart Coaching" project, a personal coaching platform capable of supporting and motivating contact center agents to acquire new skills in order to respond in real time thanks to artificial intelligence.

ccelerating our research and technology development

The i-Nov innovation competition is a support scheme designed to select innovation projects with particularly strong potential for the French economy. Financed by the French government via the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA), i-Nov is operated byAdeme and Bpifrance, and provides co-financing for research, development and innovation projects costing between €600,000 and €5 million.

Encourage the emergence of future French champions.

As part of the France 2030 plan, announced in October 2021, France has set itself the goal of consolidating its industrial and technological sovereignty while continuing its efforts to decarbonize its industry. This competition of excellence is dedicated to innovative single-partner projects led by startups and SMEs, and leading to the accelerated emergence of companies that are leaders in their field and, in particular, can aspire to global scale. Out of 278 applications, 73 projects were selected as winners, and €45.8 million in grants were awarded.

SMART COACHING, a Deep Tech project.

The aim of our Smart Coaching project is to offer intelligent, interactive tools for digitalized customer and advisor relations. Capitalize on artificial intelligence to design a personal coaching platform capable of supporting and motivating contact center agents to acquire new skills in order to respond in real time, thanks to cutting-edge technological tools based on continuous measurements of interaction quality.

  • Process large volumes of conversational data in real time and extract individual characteristics from call center agents.
  • Enable call center agents to self-assess via a fluid interface representing their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Offer a unique, secure platform for personalized coaching through a virtual coach whose mission is to orchestrate the coaching content (employee knowledge, areas for improvement, role-playing using AI-simulated dialogues, instant feedback and progress dashboard).

"The entire Zaion team is very proud to have won this innovation competition. It's a great opportunity to be recognized and supported by the French government. It validates our strategy of investing in R&D, in order to consolidate our industrial and technological sovereignty. Making in France has always been a priority for us. Zaion Lab is a driving force for innovation in France and Europe. We would also like to thank Cap Digital for its support.
Franz Fodéré, President and Founder - Zaion

"The Smart Coaching project represents a real revolution from both a technological and an organizational point of view. Technically, we're tackling a major challenge in artificial intelligence: automatically generating coherent, natural end-to-end dialogues with an expressive, scalable synthesized voice. As for the organizational aspect, this project is a promising attempt at collaboration between teleconsultants and artificial intelligence: Human-AI collaboration. So we're helping to build tomorrow's world of work as we imagine it: hybrid, flexible and at the service of people."
Alya Yacoubi, Director of Zaion Lab


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